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\\Trick Merchandise

You can now get your grubby paws on some quality Trick merchandise.

From our Limited edition line of ceramic coffee mugs, to our stylish t-shirts, you can now drink coffee and look fresh whilst listening to decent tunes!

\\Limited Edition Ceramics

We love our design almost as much as we do our coffee, so we decided to combine the two and produce a series of limited edition mug designs based on original Trick Music artwork.


Latest edition, "Reanimated Limited" features the icons from Scorb's Reanimated EPs. Available at our store.

\\Compact Discs

You can buy all Trick CD releases directly from our store.

TRKCD001 Scorb - Ipso Fvcto

TRKCD002 Various Artists - Abra Macabre

TRKCD003 Prism - Nothing to do for the Next Three Hours

TRKCD004 Squid Inc - Indelible

TRKCD005 Deviant Species - Advent of the Blue Radula


There are just a few sizes left but fear not! New designs on supremely high quality organic shirts are now rolling out.





Check our store for more info and pics.

\\Digital Downloads

All Trick Music releases are available from the usual online stores, or you can support us directly by using our store where you can download the tracks in a format of your choice.


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