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\\Trick Releases

Trick releases are available digitally through all the usual outlets or if you would like to support us directly check out our Store for the cheapest way to buy lossless formats on the web.

\\TRKDIGI001/ TRKCD001 Scorb - Ipso Fvcto

1   Pareidolia / Sol Invictus 09:50

2   Yodyssey 08:01

3   Rave from the Grave 07:16

4   Apophenia / Wobbly Matter 07:28

5   P2P 05:31

6   Pyrotechno 06:40

7   Scorb (feat Santos De Castro) - Tower of Klorox 09:18

8   Angleterror 06:18

9   Scorb (feat. Mike Rucinski) - Ipso Fvcto 08:21

10 Scorb (feat. Mike Rucinski) - Aquiescence 05:56

11 Supraliminal 04:15


The hugely anticipated first release from Trick Music heralds the return of Yod Onsen aka Scorb. Trick are delighted to present his new album Ipso Fvcto, the long awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed debut "Scorb".


Expect an eclectic selection for night and day taking in psytrance, breakz and ambient along the way.13 stunning tracks that leave no musical stone unturned ensure whatever the time or place, you'll be reaching for this album long after the current crop of soundalikes have been and gone.

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