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\\Trick Releases

Trick releases are available digitally through all the usual outlets or if you would like to support us directly check out our Store for the cheapest way to buy lossless formats on the web.

\\TRKDIGI002 / TRKCD002 Various Artists -  Abra Macabre

1 Orzels Machine - Torque Is Cheap 07:54

2 Scorb - Stratagem 07:14

3 Prism - Six Paper Joints 06:51

4 Squid Inc - Fin 07:12

5 Phibian - Lo-Phi 07:55

6 Prism vs Phibian - The Probe 05:48

7 The Hoax - Fabrication 07:13

8 RAM - Illumination 06:50

9 Orzels Machine - Destrukt (Scorb Rmx) 07:57



From the hollow recesses of the Trick laboratory is a glimpse into the future through an ancient fractal glass window; the first in a series of deep rooted electronic outings from Trick Music.


Abra Macabre is an effervescing cauldron of new and twisted artist collaborations who have toiled to create a powerful and focused sound. Combining the punk psy tech of RAM, Scorb's deep theatrical sound, the stripped down techno-infused sounds of pHibian, Prism's morning grooves, the dark depths of Squid Inc. and the twisted electronica of Orzels Machine. Abra Macabre will place you under its spell.

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