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\\Trick Releases

Trick releases are available digitally through all the usual outlets or if you would like to support us directly check out our Store for the cheapest way to buy lossless formats on the web.

\\TRKDIGI006 Orzels Machine - Academic EP

1 Academic 7:11

2 KPH 8:21


Orzels Machine are back! Fine tuning their unique blend of UK techno-breaks in the form of the Academic EP. The two tracks, 'Academic' and 'KPH' bring a fresh Techno sound combining melodic Trance and dirty Drum n Bass all tied together with some good old Orzels rudeness!


'Academic' is a cheeky Techno wobbler, guaranteed to bring out feel-good stompin' vibes any time day or night.


'KPH' has a subtle melodic edge with driving beats and dark rolling bass - perfect early morning bizniss for those still on the floor!


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