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\\Trick Releases

Trick releases are available digitally through all the usual outlets or if you would like to support us directly check out our Store for the cheapest way to buy lossless formats on the web.

\\Squid Inc - Indelible


1. Untilted

2. Orthocone

3. Indelible

4. Uncoiled

5. Architeuthis

6. Prehensile

7. Decapod

8. The Worm (Part II)

9. Entrapment of John Dory (Squid Inc rmx)


The Squid Inc debut album, Indelible.


Taking in a progressive and techy edge, this release focuses on groove and atmosphere, brought into sharp focus by Deviant Species' exquisite sound design and Scorb's tight production.


Limited Edition Digi-file CD Available only at the Trick Music Bandcamp store  

Release Date: August 5th 2016

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