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\\Trick Releases

Trick releases are available digitally through all the usual outlets or if you would like to support us directly check out our Store for the cheapest way to buy lossless formats on the web.


TRKDIGI016 Ad Infinitum Final Cover 800p

1. Scorb & Neuroplasm - Gimboid

2. Scorb & Antispin - Ad Infinitum

3. Scorb - Tundra (Virtual Light Rmx)

4. Scorb - Fabrication (Materia Rmx)

5. Antispin - Divergence

6. Scorb & Deviant Species - Stromatolite (Module Virus Rmx)

7. Scorb & Contineum - Adrift

8. Scorb - 13.5 Hours (Plasmotek Rmx)

9. Madmind - Snake oil (Octognoma Rmx)


‘If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.’ William Blake.

Scorb assembles his latest landmark release, Ad Infinitum. A label that proudly stands alone with a unique identity, Trick Music have scoured the planet to connect with new allies. Nine distinct and exclusive remixes and collaborations expand the aesthetic, featuring Antispin, Contineum, Deviant Species, Madmind, Materia, Module Virus, Neuroplasm, Octognoma, Plasmotek, Scorb and Virtual Light.


Ad Infinitum represents a vital compilation with longevity that you’ll return to again and again and again…


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